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Zero Waste

8 Million Metric tons of plastic goes into the Ocean every year. Our tremendous attraction to plastic, coupled with an undeniable behavioral propensity of increasingly over-consuming, discarding, littering and thus polluting, has become a combination of lethal nature. Our juices are delivered in Glass bottles without any labels or tags hence avoiding the ever increasing plastic usage.

Fresh Pressed Delivery

Cold Pressed Juices may last between 3-5 days however just after day 1 the juices lose about 40% of their Nutrition. We recommend getting juices as fresh as possible. We deliver freshly pressed juice within one hour of juicing it within Newcastle upon Tyne area. Every morning you would get your freshly made juice delivered to your doorstep.

Plant Based - Vegan

Every day on a plant based diet you save: 1100 Gallons of water – 40 pounds of Grain – 20 pounds of carbon dioxide – 20 sq feet of forest – 1 Animal’s life. Besides this plant based diet promotes a healthier lifestyle. A study suggests plant based diet reduces heart disease risk by 40%, can improve gut health, reduces inflammation and supports the immune system.