We at Earthlings are on a mission to make it easier for people to make healthier, healing and soul affirming eating choices. This is why we believe strongly in helping people eat more organic foods.

What is organic food?

Organic foods are grown without the use of artificial chemicals, such as fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides.

Why is choosing organic good for me?

Many chemicals used in agriculture have been linked to long term health issues including increased risk of cancers. By over extracting from the soil and destroying soil organisms which would otherwise help plants access nutrients and minerals, foods grown with chemicals are less nutritious and mineral rich. Look after the soil and the soil will look after you. The agrochemical industry is very powerful and works very hard to dilute legislation and push for more and more chemical use.Supporting small scale organic growers is an act of resistance and an investment and vote for your health.

Why is choosing organic good for the planet?

Agrochemicals kill insects and wildlife, breaking the cycle of life that should otherwise thrive on farms. The UK has seen a wholesale collapse of insects and wildlife in past decades. The soil is also poorer and less resilient in non organic farms. This means the soil is more prone to erosion. Nutrients and minerals leach away into our waterways and suffocate aquatic life. The UN states for this reason, that we have 60 harvests left if we continue with the same model of farming. Top soil takes hundreds of years to form but poor farming can wipe it out in a flash. Organically farmed soils hold more life and more carbon. They are therefore a buffer against climate change. Agrochemicals require immense amounts of fossil fuels to produce. They are among the most energy intensive industries. A byproduct from the manufacture offertilisers is carbon dioxide, which is used to kill animals on a mass scale in conventional slaughter house operations.

It is therefore difficult to separate the agrochemical industry with the livestock industry.

Why is choosing organic good for communities?

Chemical farming relies on bigger and bigger farms that have the finance to buy machinery and inputs. Big farms overwhelming supply big retailers such as supermarkets. In past decades this has led to wholesale decline of small family farms and independent retailers. The control of our food by a handful of very large corporations undermines rural and small scale livelihoods. Money is diverted to shareholders who have no connection to the land or your food. Small scale organic growers rely much more on human power. They are able to give more TLC to their crops! Small is beautiful. Supporting small scale organic growers helps rebuild communities and helps us take back control over our local economy.

Why is choosing organic good for the soul?

Good health cannot prevail by consuming this kind of violence to the soil and other beings. Only a healthy planet with healthy soils can confer peace of body and mind. By healing the earth, we heal ourselves.

Choose compassion. Choose organic.

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